Looking for men’s waxing, manscaping, the best Brazilian wax near Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida? Look no further!

We specialize in hair removal for men, specifically sugaring hair removal for men in South Florida.

Sugaring hair removal is somewhat new for most people. They haven’t heard about it. Finding a professional Esthetician or waxer to provide waxing services for men is a bit of a challenge, practically impossible to find one that sugars. Well GREAT news!! There is a new sugaring professional in South Florida and she provides full body sugaring hair removal services for men. Here are some frequently asked questions about manscaping and waxing for men.

Q. Why do men remove their hair?
A. For the same reason women do, it FEELS better. If women (or non-hairy guys) grew 3-6 inches of hair on their back, chest or legs, they would totally be uncomfortable. In areas where the temperatures are hot, such as Texas and Florida, hair will hold heat and odor. Having hair groomed or removed will make one less self-conscious about their hygiene. Hair removal is more about feel and less about looks. Most of us loathe the stubbly feel from shaving. With sugaring, your hair will grow back softer.

Q. Are most guys that get manscaped, waxed or sugared gay? Will my golfing buddies think that way about me?
A. This is the BIGGEST stereotype EVER. More than 50 % of my clients are men and 45% of those are married or lady loving bachelors. Hair removal is simply the most comfortable thing to do, regardless of your sexual orientation. I promise you, your golfing buddies are just waiting for you to take one for the team. They’ll be asking you all sorts of questions. Does it hurt? Where did you go? Were you nervous? Don’t allow a silly stereotype prevent you from being your most comfortable. Furthermore, Jamie never discriminates…except mean people. If you are a mean person, Jamie will not be a good fit for you. Soooo, if you are a man who adores men…come check out sugaring, I know I’m a girl and all…but you’ll love my personality and you really will be in professional and proficient hands.

Q. I’ve watched that movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, is that what I’m in for? Just how painful is this?
A. LOL, No! Performances are just that, it was entertainment. Furthermore, the “acting” technician in that movie did many things wrong. We are removing hair by the root, so it will be discomforting. However, unlike wax, sugar will not create unnecessary heat nor adhere to live layers of skin. The chest is the most discomforting, yep, even more so that the Brazilian. That is because the hair on the chest is most likely more course and deeply rooted. The nape of the neck, shoulder blade and flank areas of the back follow behind the chest. Believe it or not, the scrotum and backside are the least discomforting of the body for men’s hair removal. When receiving a male Brazilian, the base of the shaft will be the most uncomfortable. Regardless, the discomfort dissipates within 15-20 seconds, it will not linger like the numb tingly feel that wax does.

Q. When receiving a Male Brazilian, What happens if I get an erection?
A. That happens sometimes. Male Brazilians involve the professional technician to move and stretch your genitals. Guys often think this is going to be something pleasurable until the first flick of the sugar. Their minds are quickly changed. The professionals at South Florida Sugaring will never make a big deal about this situation nor embarrass you. This in no way is a hall pass to cause an erection and we expect you to handle yourself quickly. Our services are rendered professionally and should never be confused with anything sensual or sexual. We appreciate the respect of our boundaries.

I hope I’ve answered some of your burning questions about sugaring hair removal for men. If you think we are missing one, ask me and I will post your question and answer. I look forward to meeting the men of South Florida and making you SMOOTH!!

Jamie Renee
Sugarista ~ South Florida Sugaring

before and after chest before and after ear sugaring