About Jamie Renee, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician

Jamie Renee established her first body therapy spa studio in Hurst, Texas in early 2003. For more than 6 years, Your Body’s ReTreat has offered specialized sugaring hair removal services and hair removal certification classes. South Florida Sugaring is Jamie’s second studio located in South Florida near Ft. Lauderdale and opened in February 2016.

“I understand the anxieties and frustrations that go along with finding quality massage and skincare therapists, massage experiences and Brazilian waxing treatments. If I am unable to meet your expectations, I will help you locate someone who can. I love my work and care for my clients. The connection I make between my clients and their well-being, is not only humbling, but the root of my business. I trust I will make you feel comfortable, ease your anxieties and my sugaring hair removal services will be the most thorough you will receive.”



~ Jamie Renee
Florida Licensed Facial Specialist #FB9751341
Licensed Massage Therapist TX #021439
Licensed Esthetician TX #1473324

About Jamie’s Skincare Services

Licensed Esthetician since December 2009, Sugar Certified June 2010 and Texas Educator for Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring since May 2012.

Jamie believes more about quality than quantity. If you are looking for a quick, “get-it-and-go” service, you may not find it here. Jamie wishes to avoid the “assembly-line” experience found in many waxing studios as she likes to develop a rapport with her clients. She has a knack for making even the most anxious clients comfortable and relaxed. Jamie stands behind the skincare line she provides as she also uses it herself. She would never provide a service, treatment or product that she would not receive or purchase herself.

About Jamie’s Massage (massage services not available in Florida)

Licensed Massage Therapist January 1999

Jamie is an experienced therapist providing skilled and exceptional massage that is therapeutic, relaxing and compassionate. Jamie specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Massage Cupping. She is not a “cookie cutter” massage therapist. She is thorough and methodical, using a combination of lighter Swedish strokes and a more firm to deep pressure. Jamie uses knowledge and intuition to guide her. She will listen to your needs and design a routine to serve you best. Furthermore, with Jamie, you will always find consistency. You will receive the same fantastic massage with each visit.


Jamie became interested in Massage Therapy in 1995. Three years later, she graduated from Wellness Skills Inc. located in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2009, Jamie furthered her career with an emphasis is Skin Care. She completed the 750-hour Esthetician course at Ogle School located in Hurst, Texas.

As a Skin Care therapist, Jamie hit the ground running and began attending numerous trade shows throughout the U.S., which provided her networking opportunities with highly-esteemed individuals in the Skin Care industry. She had the opportunity to learn from these mentors extensive specialized techniques in full-body waxing and especially Brazilian waxing which help her to keep clients safe.

Passion for Sugaring Hair Removal

Jamie’s desire to find the best and safest techniques led her to become certified in Advanced Body Sugaring, an alternative to traditional hair waxing, and a specialized niche within the hair removal industry. Jamie became so confident with this safer method of hair removal, she became a Certified Body Sugaring educator. Jamie feels there is a real need for advanced education in the art of Brazilian hair removal, and would like Texas and Florida Estheticians to be able to gain the knowledge locally. She teaches sugaring certification classes at both her Texas and Florida studio locations.

Jamie realizes continuing education is fundamental to success and is continually learning new techniques and modalities to provide the ultimate in body therapy for her clients. She has been trained in advanced Deep Tissue techniques, spa therapies and Massage Cupping.