Frequently Asked Questions About Sugaring Hair Removal

What is in the sugaring hair removal paste? Does it contain chemicals?

The sugar paste is all natural made of sugar, lemon and water and has a consistency of taffy. The paste is all-natural, antibacterial and chemical-free. This is just one of the many advantages and benefits of sugaring as opposed to waxing.

How is the sugar paste applied?

The true advanced hand method of Sugaring, uses a ball of sugar paste. Your technician will use a gloved hand at all times. She/He will retrieve a good amount of sugar from a jar at room temperature. The sugar paste is molded into the hair follicle, opposite the direction of hair growth. The sugar paste is then “flicked” in the natural direction of hair growth removing the entire hair from the follicle wall. The same ball of sugar is used for entire area to be sugared.

What is the difference between waxing and sugaring application?

With waxing, the wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed opposite hair growth. Sometimes, this method does not always remove the entire hair from the follicle but rather breaks the hair off resulting in faster re-growth and ingrown hairs. Body sugaring removes the hair in the direction of hair growth, resulting in less hair breakage, quicker refinement, and reduced skin irritation.

Is Body Sugaring Painful? Does Body Sugaring hurt as much as Waxing?

Well, we are still pulling hair out from the root. So yes, it is a bit uncomfortable but most people find that it is less discomforting than waxing. If your hair is longer, you may find sugaring less desirable.

Are there any negative effects or downfalls to Body Sugaring?

Not many!! Body sugaring can be more time consuming and tedious than waxing. Body sugaring is a rare service. It is extremely difficult to locate experienced Sugaring technicians, therefore you will find sugaring rates to be higher than waxing.