Meet Jamie Renee, Sugaring Hair Removal Educator

jamie-renee-sugaring-certificationHi, my name is Jamie Renee. I am a Licensed Esthetician, Massage Therapist and a Certified Body Sugaring educator for Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring. I have worked with a number of sugaring companies as well as used their sugar pastes and supplies. I have found Tamara’s sugar paste to be not only consistent with each batch but the most affordable as well. I embrace the philosophy that “Knowledge not shared, is knowledge wasted.” My desire is to provide licensed individuals the opportunity to obtain valuable continuing education that is cost-effective, rewarding, and most importantly, convenient. I know all too well the frustrations of having to travel in order to receive quality continuing education for Estheticians.

After your certification, you will always be able to call on me for advice, consultation or simply a helping hand. If you need further hands-on assistance, we can arrange all the time you need (so long as you are local) as I will come to your location and we will work with your clients together to build your confidence. I will not leave you high and dry after your sugar training.

Furthermore, I have the knowledge and experience to help you market yourself effectively to get clients in your door. I am not simply a sugaring educator, I have a thriving practice where sugaring services make up 90+% of my massage and skincare studio’s revenue.

I remain quite objective when discussing waxing and sugaring. Sugar vs Wax. Knowledge = Success. I have received advanced education in body waxing, Brazilian waxing, body sugaring and Brazilian sugaring. I love different aspects of both waxing and sugaring, I am not biased. I have chosen to become a sugaring hair removal educator because I believe in empowering entrepreneurs and success driven individuals with a niche in this industry. Sugaring is becoming more popular and more people are learning about its advantages. I look forward to assisting you with your success.

If you are ready to sign up for your sugaring certification, contact me today.