Body Sugaring and Body Waxing Hair Removal Rates

  • Body Sugaring Hair Removal Rates are subjective due to the size of area and density of hair. Hair removal rates will never exceed the range listed below.
  • Please have at least 10 days of hair growth prior to hair removal treatments.
    Please DO NOT use any lotions or oils, including body washes that contain oil on THE DAY OF your appointment.
  • Please DO NOT shave or tweeze any hair between appointments.
  • Retin-A, Accutane, Acid Peels such as glycolic are skin thinning and contraindicated for hair removal.
  • REMEMBER: Exfoliation & Hydration will help alleviate ingrown hairs and will also improve the quality of your hair removal sessions. When the skin is dry and tight, hairs have a difficult time pushing through the skin resulting in ingrown hairs. The skin will aslo hold on to hairs during hair removal appointments resulting in hair breakage.

*VIP Discount*: You will be offered a “V.I.P. Loyalty” rate on Brazilian services. Special deals, incentives and promotions will not be applicable toward V.I.P. Loyalty rates and you must return every 4 weeks to receive the V.I.P rate. Typically, the V.I.P. loyalty rate for Brazilian clean ups is between $55-65.00, again depending on density. Some refine very well and exceptions are made for those individuals. We consider time and amount of product to be used when making this determination.
***All Hair removal services are rendered professionally and should never be confused with anything sexual.**



Eyebrow Sugaring


+ $8

Lip Sugaring


+ $8

Chin Sugaring


+ $8

Cheek Sugaring


+ $8

Full Face Sugaring


+ $30

Underarm Sugaring


+ $20

Half Arms Sugaring


+ $35

Full Arms Sugaring


+ $70

Upper or Lower Legs Sugaring


+ $40

Full Legs (both legs) Sugaring


+ $80

Bikini Sugaring


+ $25

Extended Bikini Sugaring


+ $35

Brazilian Bikini Sugaring


+ $40

Gluteal Cleft “Butt Strip” OR TAIL FEATHERS!


+ $15



+ $25

Male Brazilian Sugaring


+ $40



+ $20

Chest Sugaring


+ $35

Back Sugaring


+ $55




Half Arms ~

From the elbow to the

wrist, including hands and fingers if you desire OR from the

elbow to the shoulder.

Full Arms ~

BOTH arms, from the

shoulder to the wrist including hands and fingers.

Upper/Lower Legs ~

BOTH legs, from the

knee to the ankle including feet and toes OR from the knee

to the thigh, NOT INCLUDING the bikini area.

Full Legs ~

BOTH legs, from the

thigh to the ankle including feet and toes if you desire.


From the middle of

your quads and the inner thighs, NOT the bikini line.

Bikini ~

This removes hair from

the bikini line, the hair that would show outside of a

bikini swimsuit.

Extended Bikini ~

This removes all hair

from the bikini line plus the hair on the pubic mound and

outer labia. The option to leave a “landing strip” is

entirely up to you.

Brazilian Bikini ~

The removal of all

hair outside the bikini line, top of the pubic mound, outer

labia, inner labia, perineum and gluteal cleft “butt strip”.

Manscaping ~

This is simply hair

trimming gentlemen. We will trim the hair from any area to

the desired length.

Mankini ~

Hair removal at the

bikini line and top of the pubic mound if you desire, OR

just the scrotum. Not a full Brazilian, just a little

cleaning up.

Male Brazilian ~

The removal of all

hair outside the bikini line, top of the pubic mound,

scrotum, shaft, perineum and gluteal cleft “butt strip”.